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  • Guard
  • Supervisor Guard
  • Gunman
  • Lady Guard







provide the following services to our clients:


  • Guarding and security related services 
  • Threat & Risk Analysis. 
  • Security Surveys and Consulting. 
  • VIP / Executive Protection. 
  • Arrangements at Special Events like Industrial & Business Exhibitions, social gatherings.
  • We have a various types of detective equipment like Door Frame Metal Detector (D.F.M.D), Hand Handel Metal Detector (H.H.M.D) ,etc.

Scope of our duties

  • Guard will be punctually on duty with complete uniform. 

  • Guard would check every visitor with keeping records of Entrance for individuals entry in the inward-Outward Register if it required by the client. 

  • Walky-talky provided among four Guards appointed on one point it is for the internal communication. 

  • Entry of the salesman or vendors would be allowed as per the instruction provided by the client. 

  • Our senior supervisors will visit the point regularly. 

  • Relieve of guard from his shift only possible after coming new guard available on the position. 

  • Particular site wise instruction provided by clients. It will be executed by our senior supervisor it will be communicated each guard particularly. It will be with the reference to our format of our work order.


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